Corporate Wi-Fi

Make WiFi work for your business, plant or warehouse with smart solutions tailored to your needs.

Event Wi-Fi

Enable WiFi as a powerful marketing and communication tool at events, conferences, festivals and more.

Hotspot Wi-Fi

Get the benefit of WiFi with secure, managed and scalable WiFi solutions anywhere, any time.

Corporate Wi-Fi

Make Wi-Fi work for You

Break free from cables and connect to success with customisable WiFi solutions.

General Business

WiFi that works for your business

The mobile revolution has fundamentally changed how businesses connect for the better. No longer constrained by wired connectivity, you’re free to connect on the go no matter what your business size or type. Give your guests and staff the freedom to connect their smart devices with secure, wireless connectivity on your business premises.

Our smart WiFi solutions include:

  • Hot desking
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • User and device mobility
  • Guest and temporary WiFi access

Whatever your needs, we’ll match them with the relevant technologies with guaranteed future-proof results.

Manufacturing and Distribution

WiFi that works for your plant or warehouse

WiFi in your plant or warehouse gives you the ability to track your manufacturing and distribution process effectively and in real time. By connecting hand-held scanners, RFID tags and the entire product line, our WiFi networks enable you to:

  • Track and plan production
  • Track and plan distribution
  • Direct communication with production floor
  • Access Telepresence (video and voice)

Whether you follow a JIT (just in time) or a Lean or Linear production methodology, WiFi will give you the ability to bring your ERP to the production floor.

Event Wi-Fi

WiFi that works for your event

From delegates at a conference doing research and press members live-tweeting events to party-goers updating their Facebook or Instagram accounts, your attendees expect WiFi as a matter of course. Give them the platform to connect with our Standard and Custom packages available for an array of events:

  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Media Launches
  • Promotions and Activations
  • Sport Events

Enjoy full power and functionality over YourSpot with the ability to use it as a powerful marketing and communication tool.

Hotspot Wi-Fi

Make Wi-Fi work for Your Hotel, Guest House or Restaurant, mall, shop or store.


WiFi that works for your hotel, guest house, restaurant, shop or store.

WiFi in the hospitality industry has become a non-negotiable. You need a solution that gives you the ability to offer guests an easy way to connect, while still ensuring a secure managed connection. Our hospitality offering is scalable and expandable. Through our YourSpot subsidiary, we offer a wide range of features and tools to engage with and manage your clients.

  • Captive portal/landing page
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Survey tools
  • Bandwidth, data and time management
  • Recharge options, vouchers and credit card
  • Marketing tools
  • API that allows for integration with hotel and property management systems.

Whether you’re looking to overhaul, extend or implement a new WiFi network, we offer a cost-effective structure that will see you and your guests connecting with ease in no time. For more information on hotspot features please visit www.yourspot.co.za.

Retail and Public

WiFi that works for your mall, shop or store.

WiFi in the retail space has become the marketing and data gathering tool of choice. This gives you and your tenants the opportunity to reach potential customers on your premises. Track shopper trends and movement in your retail space and gain valuable feedback on the shopping experience.

We offer the following retail WiFi solutions:

  • Shopper tracking
  • Proximity marketing
  • Survey and feedback tools
  • API integration to CRM and POS systems
  • Vouchers and coupons
  • SMS and email integration

With this powerful data and marketing tool at your disposal, you can better manage your retail space and engage with your clients in real time. The hotspot functionality is offered through our subsidiary YourSpot. For more information please visit www.yourspot.co.za