About Us

Over 25 year’s experience in the industry

Entelek is a multidisciplinary ICT solution provider specialising in Managed Services, Connectivity, WiFi and Automation. With over 25 year’s experience in the industry, we use our extensive expertise to create turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Highly competitive pricing, service excellence and a broad range of customisable products have placed us at the forefront of the ICT industry in Africa. At the heart of our business is an unrivaled commitment to customer service, with personalised technical and operational support provided by our passionate and experienced staff complement.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with the solutions they need to optimise efficiency, future-proof their IT capabilities and connect their businesses to ongoing success.

Why Choose Us

Our cost-effective pricing combined with extensive expertise and service excellence have positioned us as a leading ICT solutions provider in Africa.

Our Friendly Staff

Our talented team of ICT experts are passionate about taking your business to the next level with innovative solutions customised to your needs.

Outstanding Service

We are dedicated to providing service excellence at all times. Whether you need advice or technical & operational support, we’re at your service.