Wireless Internet

Scalable and flexible wireless solutions to suit a broad range of business types and sizes.

Fibre to Business

Secure, high-speed and reliable fibre connectivity that grows with your business.

Fibre to Home

Speednet Solutions that connect your community to the internet and beyond.


VSAT systems installation at virtually any location to connect your business to even the most remote areas.

Wireless Internet

Connecting Your Business Wirelessly

We offer a wide range of quickly deployable wireless solutions ranging from basic wireless links to enterprise-grade links that give you the ability to run OTT (over-the-top) services. These services can include VOIP, exchange, and CCTV.

Scalable and flexible, our wireless solutions can adapt to any business type and size.

Fibre to Business

Secure, high-speed connectivity that grows with your business

Conduct business anywhere in the world with exceptional speed, security, and reliability. Our IT services offer Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) that connects your enterprise network to the internet and enables the transmission of data to and from any location at a specified bandwidth allocation.

Increase the quality of your customer experience by combining DIA with our optional Managed Network Services (MNS), encompassing full Managed Security Services (MSS) and Network Management Services (NMS). This enables you to focus on your core business without the hassle of managing your own information systems.

The DIA service provides a single relationship for all your global IP service needs. DIA can also be integrated with our IP VPN (Virtual Private Networks) or other types of transport services as a single connection. In this way, your management load, total bandwidth requirements, redundancy and costs are significantly reduced.

Fibre to Home

Connect your community to the internet and beyond

Our Speednet Solution connects your estate or complex to a world of possibility. Take advantage of lower costs for developments, increased property values, easier access to third-party services for tenants, VOIP and security. We also offer OTT (over-the-top services) for individuals and the community as a whole.

VOIP with Free Internal Calls

Cut down on the cost of traditional landline calls and enjoy far more reliable connectivity with smart VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions across your complex.

CCTV Over the Same Fibre or Wireless Network

Give your community peace of mind with integrated CCTV (closed circuit television camera) solutions designed to keep an eye on crime and provide general complex surveillance – all connected via a single fibre or wireless network.

Video-on-demand and Streaming Services

Give your community the value-added benefit of Video on Demand streaming entertainment straight to their screens, while also saving on paid TV subscriptions.

Home and office automation

Save on water and energy usage, plus enjoy a range of other convenient features with remote home and office automation that puts you in control of lighting, security, irrigation, access control and much more.

Decrease running costs for your community by saving on: Electricity accounts, Security services, Paid TV subscriptions, Telephone services

The connected community does not only enable all of the above services, but these services will dramatically decrease the running cost of Your community. These cost savings can include:

  • Hot desking
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • User and device mobility
  • Guest and temporary Wi-Fi access


Connect Your Business, even in remote locations

Wireless VSAT systems can be installed in virtually any location. This means that your business, no matter how remote, can stay connected in locations such as rural areas, ships, coastal regions and anywhere there is limited or no terrestrial connectivity.

Installation is easy and only takes a few hours. In addition, VSAT is very reliable with a network up-time of 99%, making it a great backup solution for businesses that simply can’t afford to be down even for a second.